Thursday, 1 November 2007



This is my first go at making jewelry using the Macrame technique. For those who haven't heard of it before Macramé is "the art of knotting" and is one of the most ancient crafts. Ancient Peruvians, Chinese,Egyptians and Maoris use it so since I'm a Peruvian maybe it's in my veins. Learning Macrame was one of the last things I did while I was living in Peru. For this set of earring I used a jewelry bead kit from "Artisan". I used a fine wire (24 gauge) so the wire will be easy to handle and twist. It was a little more tricky than working with the normal cord I used to make bads but finally I manage to get the right shape.

I used 4 lengths of 30 cm each. I used 2 of them for the 1st earring. Divide them in half and attach them to the metal circle and you will have 4 lenghts. Keep 2 in the centre and start knotting with the other 2 from left to right. After the 1st knot is made leave some length of wire to form the loop and continue with the next knot. Once you made the 3rd knot; thread 4 glass beads in the centre and 2 bugles to the sides. Make another knot to hold the beads and bugles and thread 2 more beads and a crystal bicone in the centre and 2 more on each side. Cut the wire at 1.5cm away from the beads and coil the ends using the round nose pliers.
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Collage of My Macramé Bags

Collage of My Macramé Bags
Made when I was in Peru