Sunday, 9 December 2007




This a step by step I made of a little tag accordion book in which I put pictures of my lovely cat Hot Paws.

Este es un paso a paso que hice de un pequeño librito estilo acordeón en el que coloqué fotos de mi linda gata "Patitas Calientes"


* All My Memories Simple Sweet Juicy 8 panel Tag Accordion Book
* AMM Simple Sweet Juicy Morsels
* AMM green Bazzil cardstock
* AMM Simple Sweet Juicy Tag Accents
* AMM Simple Sweet Juicy Signature Accent
* AMM Simple Sweet Juicy Alphadots
* Pink cardstock
* Papermania Rub-ons Kitty Sentiments
* Assorted buttons in orange an pink
* Assorted ribbons
* Silk flowers and heart
* Gold wire
* Round nose pliers
* Hole punch
* Stapler
* Craft Planet pink glitter glue
* Xcut Shape Cutter
* Xcut Circle Template
* Herma Transfer glue dispenser
* Double sided tape
* Packing from the tag book

Step by Step

1. Using the small circle template and the shape cutter; cut your picture and stick it to the front of the tag accordion book using the Herma glue dispenser.

2. Spell the name “H t Paws” using AMM Simple Sweet Juicy Alphadots and stick them at the top and bottom as seen on the tag accordion book. Stick a silk flower between the letters “h” and “t”. The flower will replace the letter “o”

3. Rub the PM rub-on paw to one side and stick a pink button to the right side of the picture. Stick some ribbon at the top of the 1st tag panel. Make the heart shape by using the round nose pliers. Cut 18cm of the gold wire and loop both ends to create the ends of the heart. Loop the wire in the centre to create the loop at the base of the heart. Clip the heart at the top of the 1st panel of the tag accordion book.

4. Stick the other 3 pictures and add the rub- ons, buttons, flowers and morsels on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th panel. Tie some ribbon on the heart buttons and trim it off before sticking them. Add some pink glitter glue on the word “playful”. Staple some ribbon on the 2nd panel. Punch a hole on the 4th panel and tie some ribbons.

5. On the other side (pink side) stick 4 of the AMM Simple Sweet Juicy Tag Accents. Do some matting and layering on 2 of the pictures using the AMM Green Bazzil cardstock and stick them to the 5th and 6th panels. Stick a bow on the 6th panel and cut the “Simple Sweet Juicy” top of the packing. Matt it with the pink cardstock and stick it on this panel. Add the other 2 pictures to the 7th and 8th panels and embellish them using the rub-ons, silk heart, flowers and pink glitter glue.


Anonymous said...

Your tag book is STUNNING! All colors and details are GREAT!!



wowow muy lindo Ana!!!! te quedó con lindos colores! Me encantó!

Charlotte said...

I love that tagbook! And Hot Paws is cute!!! :)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

This is TOTALLY cute! What a cute cat! I love it! Great colors! Thanks so much for stopping and commenting at my blog! Happy Holidays!

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