Sunday, 30 December 2007


This is one of my latest necklaces. I cut it it myself with a small saw, hammered it to give it texture,then wrapped the wire on the bottom and added beads. To make the necklace I used a leather cord, connectors and a clasp.

Este es uno de mis collares mas recientes. Lo corte yo misma con una pequeña sierra, usé un martillo para darle textura, luego envolví el alambre en el centro y le agregé las bolitas. Para hacer el collar use un cordón de cuero, conectores y un gancho.


Mireille said...

gosh ana, your necklace is AMASING!!
Thanks for visiting my blog.. loved visiting yours!

sari said...

wow! I love that necklace!!!

Gaby A. said...

¡Que lindo! Imagino la colección de collares, pulseras y aretes que has de tener, ha de ser fantástica. Saludos.

My Paper World said...

You are so clever! It's beautiful!

My Paper World said...

Hi Ana,
Just popped over to wish you a Happy New year xx

Lauren said...

You must have really steady hands! FABULOUS job! It's stunning.

ENJAY said...

I would never imagine making something so wonderful with a saw, it wouldnt look like that if I attempted it!!! The colour is really eye catching!!

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