Thursday, 11 October 2007


I took some classes in Macrame while I was still living in Peru and this is the 1st bag I made. It took me a little to get the knots right but it was worth the efforts. It's not that complicated as it may seem. All you need to start is thread and mayve some pins to hold the threads to a surface (I use the pins on a cushion) and that's all the equipment you'll use. In this one I made lots of "plain" and "cord" knots. I also used 72 lengths of cord for this bag each measuring 3 meters.


Urša said...

Hi Ana!

I love your bags. I make some macrame jewlery with hamp or cotton and I was thinking of making some other stuff too. Can I ask you how long did it take to make this bag and what kind of material you used.

Thank you


Farook said...

I love your bags.i too want to make those bags.we want to try those same,pls We also want to know how you made your first Macrame Bag(steps)(the first blue bag,on Rojas Desings).

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