Tuesday, 30 October 2007

It's all about wire

Wire is my new addition to my cardmaking and I think it look great when you make shapes and add some beads for a sparkling touch. It's not that difficult to make lovely shapes if you use a wire jig. I used a plastic jig for this project and the fine peg so the loops will about the same shape. I used 24 gauge wire and it was 60 cm long. I added the beads as I got to the next turn. Some people recommend to thread all your beads first and push them down as you need them. Maybe that could a time saving option. Once finished I attach the wire tree with some small brads. I made this card in traditional colors so I use green, red and a little bit of gold. I added some chunky beads on the fine ribbon for a glamorous touch.


gina said...

Love your card and the wire tree, it looks very complex. Really lovely
Gina x

Sandra said...

Love this, very traditional.



Wowowowow, es lindísima y me inspiró!!! hehehe Haré alguna parecida??? Estoy haciendo cards para un intercambio y todas navideñas!!! Y esta me encantó!

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