Friday, 3 April 2009

Marrón y Cobre Earrings

Here comes the earrings! They are the matching ones for the bracelet I post earlier. I made the same stitch (Dutch stitch) and added the beaded spiral to a loopy earring wire base. I love combining beading and wire techniques to make jewellery. Though beaded jewellery takes more time than wire jewellery by making a mixture of techniques you can finished your jewellery in less time.
Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the weekend!


Nessie said...

Lovley work Ana,hope you are well.

pescbrico said...

Wow you put a lot of work in thoses. Beautiful :)

Caroline and Jayne said...

Beautiful x

Edleen said...

Ana, they're really pretty!!!

Jennifer said...

amazing pieces of jewellery. Absolutely stunning!! Well done to you. Love PookspoonsXXX

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