Saturday, 12 July 2008


I was given this prize by the lovely María Jesús This is an award from the Hispanic Scrapping World which one that is growing and keeps growing in most Spanish speaking countries. Thank you MJ for considering me!
Here are the rules
1.- Put the link of the person that gave you the award or prize
2.- Give the Prize to 7 people that you think are nice, happy, kindness, friendly and write the links.
3.- Mention a strength and weakness

I'd like to pass this award to

A strenght : I'm patient
Weakness : I'm not the adventorous type of person.

He recibido este premio de María Jesús. Es un premio del Mundo de Scrap Hispano el cual crece y sigue creciendo en la mayoria de paises de habla hispana. Gracias MJ por considerarme!

Las reglas
1ª- Poner el enlace de la persona que te lo concedió.
2ª- concedérselo a 7 personas que sean generosas, espontáneas, alegres, amigables ; y poner su enlaces
3ª- Contestar a dos preguntas: cual es tú mayor defecto y tu mayor virtud.

Virtud : Soy paciente
Defecto : No soy el tipo de persona que se arriesga mucho.


Cecilia said...

Ana! Muchisimas gracias por acordarte de mi para este reconocimiento. Admiro tu trabajo y agradezco siempre que me contestes en mis preguntas y curiosidades. Yo creo que tu tienes mucha "luz interior".
Un besito

pescbrico said...

Congratulations for you award! And thanks a lot for thinking of me!! :)

Anonymous said...

"Well Done" Anna andso well deserved:) likewise "Thankyou" for thinking of me!!!:)x

Edleen said...

Congrats Ana and Thank You!!! :)

Alexandra said...

thanks so much Ana - I really appreciate this!!! And, congrats to you, you are so very deserving! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

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